Crafty Crayola

Ugh, gloomy day yet again! Time to break out the crafts box, where I keep supplies to keep the kids busy on days like these sometimes.

Tomorrow, we pay pop into craft store heaven Michaels to checkcrayola out their a nationwide launch of their new Crayola section and kids program, The Knack. This new partnership has Michaels carrying “the largest selection of Crayola products in any store!”  As part of the promotion, they’ll be giving out Crayola Fun Guides, but if they’re similar to what I downloaded off the Web site, it’s more of a catalog of products than a source for craft ideas.

They’re also promoting a free Family Event from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. next Saturday, March 15, where families can make three Crayola projects (if the ad is any indication, it’s a bookmark, card and decorated wands).

While the Crayola promotions are obviously very product-oriented, you can still find great craft ideas online at You can also sign up to join The Knack kids program; by doing so you’ll get access to “exclusive online projects” (read: Crayola projects) but you’ll also be automatically entered into a sweepstakes in which five winners will each get more than $1,400 worth of Crayola products. 


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