Natural cookie decorations

If I want my kids to try a new food or I just want to jazz up a treat, I reach for colorful sprinkles. Ten-year-old doesn’t like mashed potatoes? A dash of green decorating sugar gets him in the mood. But with the new dietary restrictions I’ve imposed, which includes eliminating artificial colors and flavors, they’ve had to do without their culinary touchups.

Now, however, I’ve found an organic cookie decoration supplier and they can have sprinkles in their ice cream again! Natural candy store sells decorating sugars and nonpareils (those little candy globes) that are colored with natural ingredients such as paprika, annato, turmeric and vegetable juices. As with most organic alternatives that I’ve found, you’ll pay more for it; they go for about $4.80 to $5.40 for about 3 ounces. At least I found ’em before I started making my Valentine’s Day cookies!


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