Loudoun Film Fest tonight

From the Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy:

7-10 p.m. Monday, February 2
Tally Ho Theater in Leesburg

Join Loudouners of all ages in enjoying selected short films covering an array of environmental issues. Films (listed below) were selected for entertainment value as well as their focus on positive examples of sustainability in action. The films are appropriate for all ages and are great for families. Teachers could also consider this as an opportunity for students to learn about and then discuss environmental issues and solutions. Below is the listing of the short films that will be shown:

Saving the World School House Rocks – Energy Blues Eco-Bunnies
A Global Climate Change Grocery Store Wars Mouth Revolution
Elements of Sustainability StoneyBrook Farm Young Agrarians
The Story of Stuff Severn Suzuki Carpe Diem
Friday at the Farm The Wombat Neglected Sky
Making a Way Crash Course: Chapter 19 Burning the Future
End of Suburbia How it All Ends

This event, free and open to the public, is being organized by the Loudoun County Committee for a Sustainable Society and is sponsored by local companies and organizations including Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy.


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