Countdown to Halloween: 4 days

Sorry to hear my fellow blogger Sam  and his kids had such a dismal experience at Springfield Mall’s Halloween event this weekend:

The children enjoyed the magic show (son even got to go up on stage) but the mad rush for candy at 5 p.m. grew tiresome as folks forgot their manners and/or evidently didn’t teach their children any and by 5:30 many stores had signs up saying “No more candy.”

In house-to-house trick or treating there’s little to no risk of seeing your child knocked down. At the mall, there was until I ran interference and put my 6′1″ frame between my children and the onrushing hordes who evidently know the only way to make it to a bunch of stores and score lots of candy is by running.

I can’t help but sympathize, as my kids and I have seen and experienced the same behavior at some community Easter Egg hunts. While I like knowing what the options are on Halloween Night, especially if it rains, we’ll probably stick to our little neighborhood!

If you’re more adventurous, though, the NoVa Halloween page has been updated, particularly with new times for the shows at Tysons Corner Center. Have a bootiful Halloween all!


2 responses to “Countdown to Halloween: 4 days

  1. Yikes! I think indoor activities got rampaged this past weekend due to the bad weather! I saw the Udvar Hazy Center traffic around 5 on Saturday and thought that was insane. There was at least a four mile back up to get into the place. I think if the weather was better and perhaps some of the activities had a longer time span, then perhaps it would be better for all.

    I also wanted to invite you to a blog my girlfriends and I started. I love your blog so much in getting to know all the activities and things to do. I just wanted to pass this on to you if you are interested. Basically we all had kids the same time (some have older ones) and we have our own “Mom topics” and thought we should make a blog since we find little info or comfort at other places that will be as open as we are to Mom talk. If you are interested, here is the site!

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