Better than a slice of lasagna!

Recently discovered a combo that can’t be beat: kidthing, an ads-free educational browser for kids ages 3-10, is now offering new Garfield learning games and books!

Kidthing occasionally offers free stuff, such as online books and games, which I’ve taken advantage of, but I’m going to have to spring for the Garfield stuff because my kids (ages 11, 7, and 4) LOVE that cat. The oldest one started the crazy when he began checking out the Garfield comic strip collections at the library, and of course the younger ones have to do whatever big brother does. 

I also recently wrote a newspaper column about Professor Garfield, Davis’ Web site that offers free educational content for students from kindergarten to 8th grade, and one of the company reps was nice enough to respond to say Davis appreciated the column! These are just nice people, folks.

Here’s what kidthing is offering: a Garfield Scared Silly comic strip book, Garfield and Food pick ‘n’ paint coloring pages, Garfield and the Tiger narrated Page turner book (available in English and Spanish), What’s Garfield Hiding? interactive game, Garfield Jokes & Riddles interactive activity book and Garfield Clicker Stickers™.

To use kidthing, you have to download the software onto your PC; unfortunately, they don’t have a Mac version yet, but they say it’s coming soon. It’s a beautifully designed browser, with cute sophisticated animation.


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