New children’s museum in Reston

While I try to post every day on this blog, I haven’t been successful recently for many reasons — three of which are children under the age of 12, one of whom I’m homeschooling. Another is that I’ve been doing some volunteer work for a great new resource that’s going to open in Reston next year: Children’s Science Center, a new children’s museum that’s going to offer hands-on, interactive exhibits focusing on math and science. Think Maryland Science Center in our own backyard!

They just launched their new Web site but before hopping over to the link, though, please keep in mind some of  the following items featured on the Web site:
* You can support the project yourself by donating or volunteering to help and help get it open asap
* You can offer suggestions on what you’d like to see in the museum
* You can take a survey that will offer guidance before the museum gets built
* You can Tell a Friend about the site and the project

Go on, check it out right now:


One response to “New children’s museum in Reston

  1. WOW! This is awesome, I’m really looking forward to the opening of this!

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