K’NEXions at the Maryland Science Center

Visited the Maryland Science Center on Sunday before our membership expired for the year, and got the chance to see the new traveling exhibit, K’NEX Thrill Rides, which is free with the price of admission. While I wouldn’t advise making a special trip just to see this exhibit, it’s great added value for a day trip to the center and the Inner Harbor.

Besides cool moving displays of roller coasters, carousels, ferris wheels and more (pictures from the MSC site are shown), the exhibit lets kids build their own K’NEX contraptions at three stations — two for older kids and one for children ages 3 to 5 years. If you’re particularly enthralled with your child’s creation, you can even purchase it. First you’ll have to get it weighed, as they charge for every 4 ounces in increments of $3. So toys up to 4 ounces cost $3, up to 8 ounces is $6, up to 12 ounces is $9 and so on.

Again, it’s not a huge exhibit, but it may inspire your kids to dig up their own K’NEX pieces at home and create something fun!


One response to “K’NEXions at the Maryland Science Center

  1. I love Knex. Very cool

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