The Leesburg restaurant trail

I was catching up with one the Loudoun blogs I read regularly, Active Family Services, and caught a link to a great new blog that started in April, Every Restaurant in Leesburg.

Jim, the author, chronicles his experiences as he attempts to eat at, you guessed it, every restaurant in Leesburg: The purpose is not to evaluate the restaurants from a picky gourmet perspective, but just to enjoy the variety of experiences.  According to one local restaurant guide, it appears that there are somewhere around one hundred here.  

So far he’s at more than 20 restaurants, from the Food Court at Costco to Vintage 50.  It’s a great idea, and since I haven’t been to downtown Leesburg in a while to update my page, I thought I’d just refer everyone to his blog!


One response to “The Leesburg restaurant trail

  1. Thanks for the kind words about my blog. I’m now on restaurant visit #58 !

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