Fall on the farms

I’ve been meaning to create the Fall Festivals page already but have been dawdling, so I apologize that this is late notice: opening today, Sept. 20, are two fall festivals that launch the season:

Cox Farms Fall Festival
15621 Braddock Road, Centreville
Open: 10 am-6 pm daily
Closes Nov. 4
Cost: $9 on weekdays, $15 on weekends; kids under 2 years are free
Attractions: Five giant slides that travel down hills, shoot out of barns and erupt from volcanoes; rope swings; a 20-minute hayride; hay tunnels; live entertainment; and more. For younger kids, there are small slides, a wooden train, baby animals and more. Take a pumpkin home when you’re done!
Food: Hot dogs, burgers, pizza, fries, sandwiches, pie, ice cream, caramel apples, cookies, brownies, kettle corn, hot cider, soda, and more.
Deals: Join the Cox Members list online and get $5 on weekends, $3 on weekdays during September; go online for a coupon for a free hot dog after noon on weekends in September.
Special Days
* Sept. 28 Reptile Day: View a 14-foot python, corn snakes, giant monitor lizards and more!
* Nov. 1-2 Grand Finale Weekend: Bring your used jack o’lanterns and see them get dropped, hurled, squished and smashed!

The Corn Maze in the Plains
The Plains, off I-66
Open: 10 am-6 pm weekends, including Fridays in October
Closes Nov. 2
Cost: $9 for visitors 13 and older, $8 for kids 4-12, free for kids 3 and younger
Attractions: Corn maze, mini mazes for younger kids, tube rolling, animal corral, giant slides, hayloft, hay rides on weekends, and more.
Food: Organic burgers, sweet corn, kettle corn, cider and more
Special Days: Moonlit Mazes from 6-10 pm on Oct. 11,17, 18, 24, 25, and 31, Nov. 1


One response to “Fall on the farms

  1. Now, a kettle corn MAZE would be something. (You would have to eat yourself out of it.) 🙂

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