New, updated pages

Finally got around to updating the Indoor Play page, which I renamed Indoor Exercise to distinguish it from my new NoVa Preschooler Play page, which lists venues and programs that are toddler-friendly. Check ’em out by clicking on the links at the right.

Also, wanted to highlight news from Pump It Up Leesburg:

Pump It Up Leesburg Announces the Debut of Pumpi’s Playschool!!
September 15th, 2008 marks the debut of the much anticipated Pumpi’s Playschool at Pump It Up Leesburg. Pumpi’s Playschool is a structured, curriculum-based weekly program for children ages 2-5 incorporating jumping, bouncing, hopping, sing-a-longs, games and other activities all specifically designed for your child’s age. The program was created with the distinct goal of promoting gross motor skill proficiency, balance, agility, flexibility and social interaction.

Mini Jumpers (Ages 2 – 3 1/2) $175.00 per child
Junior Jumpers (Ages 3 1/2 – 5) $195.00 per child


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