You can’t have your cake…

I was going to write about finally finding a NoVa bakery that makes sugar-free cakes because I needed to get one for a diabetic friend’s birthday … I posted the question on several boards, including Chowhound, and was told Whole Foods might do it since they did gluten-free cakes. Alas, a call to the Fair Lakes Whole Foods came up negative, although oddly enough they offer a recipe for a Fruit-Sweetened Sugar-Free Cake on their Web site. 

After making some calls to local bakeries (including CakeLove) and coming up empty, I finally scored at a bakery not far from me. I excitedly placed an order for an 8-inch vanilla cake for about $35; it came with chocolate mousse filling and a whipped cream frosting, all made with Splenda. That was the only choice, although you could replace the filling with Bavarian cream and fruit.

It looked beautiful, but alas, the cake was dry, the filling was so-so and the frosting tasteless. Darn!

I have another year to go before her birthday comes around again … can anyone recommend a Northern Virginia bakery that makes a yummy sugar-free cake?

The cake in the picture is not the one I purchased at a local bakery; it is the Sugar Free, Flour Free, Wheat Free, Gluten Free Birthday Vanilla Almond Cake With Chocolate Icing from an online bakery A Bountiful Harvest — $84 plus shipping!


3 responses to “You can’t have your cake…

  1. Which bakery did you order the dry cake from? I’ve had a regular cake from and it was delicious. My son is allergic to milk so I think I’ll try their dairy free cakes next.

  2. Thanks for the tip, I’ll have to try Chantel’s next time! I’ll send an e-mail to anyone who wants to know what bakery I ordered from, but I’d prefer not to do it on this public forum.

  3. I forwarded this to a good friend of mine who is diabetic and a gourmet baker, to boot. Although she usually bakes for the non-diabetic crowd, she just might have an answer to this question.

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