Wegmans bagels recall

From an FDA news release:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — Sept. 10, 2008 — Rochester, NY – Wegmans Food Markets, Inc. is voluntarily recalling all varieties of its in-store made bagels and bialys (flattened bagels with various toppings, i.e. pizza) sold in the bakery and purchased between August 24 and September 9, 2008. This recall is being initiated because the bagels may contain pieces of a metal spring from a mixer that entered the dough, which is produced at Wegmans’ Central Bakeshop in Rochester, posing a possible choking hazard. (Note: This recall does not affect Wegmans’ packaged bagels in the dairy or frozen food departments.)

There have been no reported injuries associated with the consumption of these products. The problem was discovered as a result of a customer complaint.

The in-store made bagels were sold in Wegmans’ stores located in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia and Maryland. Wegmans estimates that approximately 1,011 cases of potentially affected bagels were produced, representing a small percentage of all bagels produced and sold during this period. Out of an abundance of caution, the recall includes all possible dates when the dough may have been used to produce bagels in stores.

Customers may return the product to Wegmans for a full refund. Consumers who have questions or concerns about this recall should contact Wegmans Consumer Affairs Department at 585-464-4760 (in Rochester) or toll free at 1 (800) WEGMANS (934-6267), ext. 4760 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Visit http://www.wegmans.com for a list of all product recalls.


2 responses to “Wegmans bagels recall

  1. Good morning. I came across this posting and wanted to clear up some confusion. The photo posted is not the product that was recalled. The recalled products are the fresh bagels and bialys that are sold throught the bakery. The packaged bagels in the frozen and dairy departments (shown here) are not included.

  2. Thanks, Jeanne, I’ve removed the photo so as not to confuse anyone!

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