NoVa Weekend Lineup Aug. 9-10

Current forecast calls for partly cloudy skies, with a high of 83 degrees … besides the following special events this weekend, there’s also the Arlington and Prince William county fairs to check out. For more info on the fairs, visit the NoVa Fairs page.


Saturday, Aug. 9 

Wilderness Survival Adventures
Mason Neck State Park, Lorton    10 am- 3pm
Spend 5 minutes or 5 hours with Vickie, Shufer, one of Virginia’s authorities on surviving in nature through the use of native plants for food, shelter, tools, and medicinal purposes. You’ll be fascinated by the many uses of common plants around you, from the cure for poison ivy to what will make a good salad or soup for your lunch. This program will answer many of your questions, such as, what do I do if I’m lost in the woods, what is an easy way to start a fire-even in the rain, how can I build shelter for the night in the woods, and the most important question, could you survive if forced to spend a night or two in the woods. No charge for the program, but there is a $4 vehicle entrance fee. Meet at picnic area. Call (703) 339-2384 for more info.

Pirate Jack
Burke Lake Park Amphitheater    10-11 am FREE
Audiences set sail with a true son-of-the-seas, PIRATE JACK! His colorful costuming, energy and mastery of traditional instruments have hoisted sails and spirits from Sea World and Disneyland to the Chesapeake on the original Bounty. This musical sea voyage explores the ports and lifestyles of those who sailed the seas of the 1800s. Call 703-324-SHOW (7469) for more info.

Blue Sky Puppet Theater
Mason District Park Amphitheater, Annandale     10-11 am FREE
“BANANA” is a puppet presentation by Blue Sky Puppet Theatre that includes 4 original “sing-a-long” songs. Set against the backdrop of a talent contest, themes of healthy living issues are explored in a fun, upbeat and positive way. This presentation was produced in partnership with Children’s Hospital. Call 703-324-SHOW (7469) for more info.

Display and Demonstration of the Honey Harvest
Meadowlark Botanical Gardens, Vienna    10 am-Noon FREE
Beekeeper Mary Ellen Kirkpatrick will demonstrate the process of harvesting honey from the bees and explain the steps needed to extract it from the honeycomb.Adults and children can taste different varietal honeys, as well as Meadowlark Garden Apiary honey. Participants will learn about honeybees, native bees and wasps and the difference between them during this free, drop-in demonstration inside the Visitor Center. For more info call 703-255-3631. 

Baby Signs – with Dana Carmichael
Ashburn Library     1 pm FREE
Join us for this basic baby signs class with instructor Dana Carmichael. Recommended for ages 6-24 months with parent/caregiver. Register online or call 703-737-8100.

Film Finale!
Cascades Library    1 pm FREE
Come see the films created by teens in our 3rd Annual Loudoun County Teen Film Competition. There will be prizes, refreshments and snacks. Recommended for ages 12-18.

Musical Concert by Little Mozart Academy
Rust Library     1 pm FREE
Featuring Little Mozart Academy students, led by director Gabriela Morillo-Bohnett, will present a special concert to salute the end of a great Summer Reading Program. A family program recommended for all ages.

Lafayette Day
Temple Hall Farm Regional Park, Leesburg    2-6 pm FREE
Join in the celebration of Marquis de Lafayette at Temple Hall Farm. The event will start with farm tours, house tours, and kids games on the lawn. It will also include a brief talk about the Marquis de Lafayetter and a photo slide show on the history of Temple Hall Farm. At 4:00 p.m. there will be a welcome and celebration of the Marquis de Lafayette, and Presidents John Quincy Adams and James Monroe. For more info, call Temple Hall Farm, 703-779-9372.

Potomac Overlook Heritage Program
Potomac Overlook Regional Park, Arlington    2 pm FREE
Come explore the relationship between our area’s human history and natural history. This program focuses on the influence of geography – particularly the Fall line – on the settlement of our area. Captain John Smith’s travels in our area, and what he found, will also be highlighted! Suitable for adults and children ages 8 and up.

American Wildlife
Burke Centre Library     2:30 pm FREE
Meet and learn about live animals from your own backyard and beyond with Animal Ambassadors. Cosponsored by the Friends of the George Mason Regional Library. Age 6-12. Call 703-249-1520 to reserve a space.

 “I’m Hungry! A Day in the Life of a Doeg Indian”
Prince William Forest Park Oak Ridge Campground,  8 pm
Gather around the campfire, take a journey through the past, and learn how local American Indians lived many years ago. Discover the foods they ate and how they obtained it, and what resources they used that the park still protects today! No charge for the program, but there is a $5 entrance fee per vehicle that’s valid for seven days.


Sunday, Aug. 10

Lost and Found GPS Adventures
Mason Neck State Park, Lorton    2-4 pm
Ever use a Global Positioning System? Come and learn how to navigate using these hand held electronic devices and then find hidden caches around the park. Meet at park Visitor Center. No charge for the program, but there is a $4 vehicle entrance fee. For more info call (703) 339-2385.

Got Butter?
Mason Neck State Park, Lorton    4-5 pm
Come make and eat delicious fresh butter with us. You’ll love the pure creamy taste, just like George Mason’s family might have enjoyed. Meet at picnic area. No charge for the program, but there is a $4 vehicle entrance fee. For more info call (703) 339-2385.


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