Pajama Party

At Play Cafe in Reston is introducing its first Parents’ Night Out/Kids Pajama Party this Friday, June 20th, from 6-9 p.m. It’s for kids 3-7 years old who are potty trained; the cost is $30 for the first child, $15 for each additional sibling.

Here’s what their agenda for the evening is:

We’ll let the kids play in the playarea for about 45 minutes, serve a light snack of milk and cookies, call for a bathroom break and then take them into the gym studio for a movie. We’ll have popcorn, and maybe even a pillow fight! And if the movie ends early, we’ll read them some bedtime stories.

Bring the kids dressed in their PJs and socks, and bring their favorite blanket or teddy bear. The program will take only 20 kids, and reservations are required. Call 703-391-6131.

At Play Cafe is located at 2254B Hunters WoodsPlaza, next to the Ledo’s Pizza, in Reston.


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