Tips to Celebrate Fairfax!

With temperatures almost reaching or perhaps even exceeeding 100 this weekend, here are some tips to save you time and aggravation if you plan to attend the festival at the county government center:

* Before you go, print a map of the festival. They’ll give you a festival brochure with a map, but if you’re planning to drive and park nearby instead of taking the shuttle, your printed map will help if you’re unfamiliar with the area.

* If you plan to park nearby, your best bet is the parking garage near the Blue Gate. Drive south on Monument Drive, and turn right into Government Center Parkway. The parkway will be blocked off, but you’ll be directed to turn right up into a building where the parking garage is. From the garage, you’ll walk straight down, cross Government Center Parkway and go straight, which will lead you to the Blue Gate. Turning right will lead you to the Red Gate.

* Before you go, print and download the discount coupons for admission online by clicking here. Full price at the gate is $10.  The coupon is only good before noon Saturday or Sunday, and it will get you $1 off adult tickets, and you can purchase an unlimited number of youth tickets for $2 each.

* Bring cold bottled water, or plan to purchase some there because it’s going to be hot!!! If you’re going through the Blue Gate, one of the first booths along the entrance is Navy Federal Credit Union; pick up one of their fans to keep the kids cool.

* If you simply can’t bear the heat, take a cool breather at the air-conditioned Government Center, where there’s a train display on the bottom floor and a laser show in an auditorium in the lobby. Get tickets for the laser show at a booth just outside the center.

Have fun!!!


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