Lake Anne children’s shows

Lake Anne Village Center in Reston launches its summer fun series for kids today, with free shows every Tuesday and Thursday from 11-11:30 a.m. Here’s the lineup:
June 3 Unicycle Pirate Lady
June 5 Kid Comic Magic
June 10 Rainbow the Clown
June 12 Shanty Jack Music
June 17 Peter McCory One-Man Band
June 19 Malcolm the Magician
June 24 Brooksie Kid Songs
June 26 Bingo the Clown

July 1 Cowboy Jack
July 3 Unicyle Country Lady
July 8 Peter McCory One-Man Band
July 10 Gleemania
July 15 Rainbow the Clown
July 17 Kid Comic
July 22 Chuck’s Amazing Feats
July 24 Malcolm the Magician
July 29 Brooksie Kids Songs
July 31 Bingo the Clown

August 5 Circus Lady
August 7 Peter McCory One-Man Band
August 12 Outback Jack
August 19 Safari Bingo
August 21 Rainbow the Clown
August 21 Kid Comic
August 28 Malcolm the Magician

For information, call MSE Productions at (703) 620-5554.


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