Shout outs

While I try to cover Northern Virginia and DC area activities with a broad brush, a couple of other sites also do a great job of focusing on the family-friendly activities and events in their corners of our world:  

A Parent in Silver Spring is what SuperNoVa Mom hopes to grow up to be …  good-looking, smart and engaging. Resources such as child care/preschool/summer camp finders, parent guides such as getting a sitter and free activities, calendar of family events, blog giveaways — it’s gotta be the go-to site for Silver Spring families. If I had lived in Silver Spring, I wouldn’t have needed to create my own activities blog! Hard-working mom that she is, Jessica also contributes to DC Metro Moms Blog and Blissfully Domestic.

Back in our neck of the woods, Active Family Services is written by a Loudoun mom who also runs a home day care. Her blog is filled with reviews of Loudoun restaurants and happenings; it’s where you’ll find out that Caribou Coffee in Leesburg is closed, or which BK or Mickey D’s has great play areas. She also provides a  calendar directly on her site of kid-friendly activities in Loudoun.



One response to “Shout outs

  1. Wow! You are MY HERO SuperNoVA mom!

    Thanks for the shout out, mwuah!

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