Did you know …

that you can buy your hot dog or pizza or whatever from the Costco food court at the regular registers and not just from the food court cashiers? Found this out at the Chantilly Costco, where a sign near the self-checkout register caught my eye; it listed the codes for all the food court items that you could punch in if you wanted to buy them along with your grocery and other purchases.

You can do this at the staffed registers as well, of course; just let the cashier know what you want to buy from the food court and they’ll look up the codes themselves. Then you line up at the food court and present your receipt to the cashier there — eliminating the need for cash since the food court cashiers only take “real money” as the 4-year-old calls it and reducing the number of your credit card transactions.

The only caveat is when the food court runs out of items, such as French fries, and doesn’t let the other cashiers know. This happened at the Sterling Costco, but since we hadn’t ordered French fries, it didn’t matter to us. I imagine they would give refund your money in that case.


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