DC Family Weekend Lineup

Some of these events have started already, and some require reservations in advance … sorry to get this out late!

Start with the Arts Family Festival
Friday May 30  9 am-5pm
Saturday May 31 10 am-3 pm
Union Station    FREE
VSA Arts sponsorts this festival featuring vibrant music and stage performances, art workshops led by award-winning teaching artists, and a children’s art exhibition will bring the arts alive for the whole family at Union Station.  Join us for hands-on art experiences and performances; all events are free and open to the public. As there are limited spaces available at each Art Starts workshop, these will be allocated on a first come first served basis. For groups of 10 or more children, a reservation is strongly suggested. Please contact Kirsten Kedzierski at VSA arts to make a reservation by calling 202.628.2800 or e-mailing KAKedzierski@vsarts.org.

2008 Washington DC Dragon Boat Festival
Saturday-Sunday  May 30-June 1     9 am-5 pm
Georgetown – Kennedy Center Waterfront
Thompson Boat Center (between Key Bridge & Kennedy Center)
2900 Virginia Avenue, NW. Washington D.C.  FREE
About 1300 to 1500 novice and experienced paddlers, representing 50-60 teams, are expected to compete in 2 days of exciting and colorful racing along the Potomac River.The best place to view the dragon boat races, according to the Washington Post, is the Georgetown waterfront. As in previous years, cultural performance and exhibits by local groups are also being scheduled throughout the weekend.

Family Day at the Newseum
Saturday, May 31       Starts at 11 am
Technology and the environment are the themes of a special Family Day celebration featuring an exclusive appearance by WALL•E, Disney/Pixar’s hard-working robot and the star of the new animated movie “WALL•E.” WALL•E will greet visitors in the New York Times-Ochs-Sulzberger Family Great Hall of News from 11 am-1:30 pm.
Other activities:
• It’s a Race! Find out which technology delivers the news quicker: a 19th century telegraph machine or a 21st century cell phone text message. The fun begins in the NBC News Interactive Newsroom from noon to 1 p.m.
• Hands On! Create newsboy caps, baskets and more from recycled newspapers in the Newseum’s Learning Center from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.
• NewsMania Extra! Extra! Edition: Test your knowledge of current events, the environment and your favorite Pixar movies with NewsMania host Rita LaBoudit.
• News Hound Scavenger Hunt: Pick up your assignment at the Information Desk, then sniff out the correct answers hidden within Newseum galleries.
Program space is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Admission is $20 for visitors 13-64 years; $13 for kids 7-12 years; and free for kids 6 and younger.

On the Campaign Trail Family Day
Saturday May 31     12-3 pm
The National Archives
Presidential Conference Rooms and Boeing Learning Center
In celebration of our exhibit “Running for Office: Candidates, Campaigns, and the Cartoons of Clifford Berryman,” the National Archives presents an afternoon of fun family activities to show what life is like “On the Campaign Trail.” Activities include: Make a campaign button or bumper sticker; Deliver an election speech or debate an opponent; Test your knowledge on all things “Presidential”; Fill out your own voting ballot; Have an Archival Adventure; Learn about election board games; Watch Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (3 pm) .

Art a la Cart Day
Sunday, June 1 1-3 pm
Smithsonian American Art Museum
For kids of all ages. How do you hold an artists palette? Does bronze feel grainy or silky, warm or cool? Visit our four interactive carts for kids, found throughout the galleries, to explore subjects such as sculpture and folk art through hands-on activities. Art a la Cart locations are indicated on maps available at the Information Desks in the F Street and G Street lobbies.

Animation Celebration!
Sunday June 1
National Museum of the American Indian
Elmer and Mary Louis Rasmuson Theater, First Level
Through the month of June, NMAI’s annual Animation Celebration! presents delightful short animations for young and old alike. Here’s the movie lineup:

12:30 pm
Maq and the Spirit of the Woods (2006, 8 min.)
A young Mi’kmaq boy who can’t do anything right carves a little person out of the pipestone that an elder has given him. When he goes into the forest to show his carving to his grandfather, he is joined by Mi’kmwesu, the Spirit of the Woods. As they travel together, Mi’kmwesu’s gentle presence teaches Maq to appreciate his own special gifts.

The Race (2005, 5 min.) Produced by the American Indian Resource Center, Tahlequah, OK. In Muscogee Creek with English subtitles. In a clay animation made by Muscogee Creek students, wolf learns he has spoken too soon when he challenges a determined turtle to a race.

The Old Man and the River/La Vieil Homme el la Riviere (2007, 5 min.) In Attikamek with English subtitles. One morning a young man is awakened by his grandfather, who sweeps him away in a magnificent journey along the course of the river.

Aydaygooay (2007, 5 min.) Live action footage from the central barrens and tundra-forest of northern Manitoba interwoven with animation tells a legend of the Sayisi Dene First Nation. When the caribou are disrespected by some young women of the community, they do not return the next season to be hunted. Using his special powers, Aydaygooay brings the caribou back to his people. This story was told to the filmmaker by her father, John Clipping in 1975.

Raccoon and Crawfish (2007, 8 min.)  Based on a story from the oral tradition of the Oneida Indian Nation, this 3D animation brings to life the fateful meeting between a scheming crawfish and his mortal enemy, the hungry raccoon.

3:30 p.m.
Wapos Bay: A Time to Learn (2006, 24 min.) Dennis Jackson (Cree). Wapos Bay is a light-hearted stop-motion animation series that features the adventures of three Cree children who live in remote northern Saskatchewan. In this episode, missing sled dogs and a pile of homework are just a few of the things Talon has to deal with before going out on the trapline with his father



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