Mr. Robot-o

Do you have a robot fan in the house? Then you’ll have to schedule a day to visit Port Discovery Children’s Museum in Baltimore, which is hosting Robots: The Interactive Exhibition from this Saturday, May 24 through Sept. 2. 

Featuring characters from the animated movie Robots,  the exhibit offers more than 15 interactive, hands-on and educational experiences, including:

Robots Explorers: Build a robotic probe to explore one of three environments: Underwater, Deep Space or the surface of Mars.

Paint-A-Bot: Custom-color a robot on a touch screen computer

Crosstown Express: Climb aboard and take a spin inside a metal ball transporter around the wonders of Robots City. Hold on because your seat will rattle and the wind will blow in this 4-D experience!

Build-A-Wonder-Bot: Assemble a real robot!

Movie Star Robots Hall of Fame: Get an up close look at life sized robots from the movies and television through the ages including Robby the Robot (Forbidden Planet), C-3PO (Star Wars) and Gort (The Day the Earth Stood Still).

Industrial Robots: Visitors experience first hand the work that a robotic arm can accomplish by demonstrations on-site. Guests will view a brief video presentation of the amazing robots at work at the Ford Rouge plant in Michigan. From Bumper to Blinker installing, windshields to rows of robotic painters putting the finishing touches on a truck, robots have become an invaluable part of the workforce.

Robots Round-Up: Pick up a remote and manipulate several modern day robots including Roomba and Robosapien. 

Check out my latest travel review of Port Discovery Children’s Museum here.


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