Lowe’s children’s storage bin recall

From Consumer Reports:

First the toys, now the toy bin

08260a2 The Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a recall Thursday of 84,000 children’s storage bins. The pastel pink or lime green paint on the bins has excessive levels of lead, which violates the federal lead-paint standard. The bins were sold at Lowe’s from March 2007 through February 2008.

The storage bins are wooden with scalloped edges and were sold in pastel colors. Only the pink (item number 226781) and green (item number 226782) bins have been recalled. If you own one, the CPSC advises that you take it away from children immediately. You can return it to Lowe’s for a full refund. For more information, contact the importer, L G Sourcing, at (866) 493-6563 or go to www.Lowes.com.

No injuries have been reported from this product, but the potential dangers of lead exposure include developmental and learning disorders. While you are examining your toy box, also take a look at the toys inside and check to see if any have been recalled lately.


2 responses to “Lowe’s children’s storage bin recall

  1. Family in Cary

    We had a bad experience returning our bin to Lowe’s. We found out about the recall through a letter that we received from Lowe’s which we appreciated. When we returned the bin to the local store, they asked for our receipt and when we didn’t have one, they refunded us for the clearance price of the item. We didn’t keep a receipt as we never expected to return the item.

    We then contacted the corporate offices through the Lowe’s website and they responded saying that it was left up to each individual store in how to handle the return of this product. The manager of the local store then called us and apologized but offered nothing else.

    It’s very discouraging as a parent to buy something from a trusted store and then discover that you’ve exposed your children to excessive levels of lead. My little girl slept beside the bookshelf where the bin was stored. It’s also upsetting that there was no “set” standard for returns. We didn’t return the item because we didn’t like it anymore. We returned it because it posed a danger to our family.

  2. The CPSC Web site says: “Consumers should immediately take the recalled storage bins away from children and return them to any Lowe’s store for a FULL refund.

    Consumer Contact: For additional information, contact L G Sourcing toll-free at (866) 493-6563 anytime, or visit http://www.lowes.com

    I would contact the CPSC and find out whether stores are allowed to give only partial refunds; it clearly states on the recall notice that FULL refund is due to buyers!

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