Smile for the cameras

You might want to check what you’re wearing if you plan on shopping at the Whole Foods store in Fair Lakes … went there earlier this week and found out that chef Emeril Lagasse was filming for his new show yet again! His crew was directing shoppers to “act natural and don’t look at the cameras” when approaching the improvised sets in the store … while I didn’t see any cameras, I was glad I had decided to change out of my sweatpants and baggy T-shirt so I wasn’t looking too sloppy!

But … I asked if I could take pictures and was told no. The Whole Foods guy said, “Would you want strangers taking pictures of you?” To which I responded, “No, but I’m not a celebrity filming a national TV show!” Still, no go…

Emeril was last there in April, filming his new show, Emeril Green,  which will be aired on Planet Green, a division of Discovery Channel, according to Whole Foods. While the store will be open as usual, certain areas and eateries may be closed during that time.

Want to be cast on the show? Find out how on my last post on Emeril at Whole Foods



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