A Pool for Love

It’s not quite summer but the weather’s heating up already! I found a convenient site, ClubSwim.com, that lists pools around the country, including NoVa, and includes details such as whether it’s a public one.

Click on your area to see the list of pools:



Prince William

Click here for the complete list of Virginia counties, cities and towns.


4 responses to “A Pool for Love

  1. Supernovamom,
    I don’t mean to be alarmist, but having worked as a lifeguard in my teens a long, long time ago in Dallas far away, is there any way of ranking the safety of these pools?
    There were a few drownings last year at area pools and I freak out every time I read about one. Not to be such a downer but childrens’ safety has always been a soft spot with me and especially now with my two children.
    If I may, I’d like to say I prefer Claude Moore or the Loudoun County pools to apartment pools I’ve taken the kids to because the county lifeguards seem better trained. But I’ll qualify that by saying I haven’t been to many apartment complex pools.

  2. supernovamom

    That’s a great idea, I’ll have to look into it; I guess I’d first start with the local police departments to find those stats … I’ll be sure to post those findings!

  3. Supernovamom,
    I’ll help when I get off work. My plan was to go straight to the American Red Cross and see what they had on pool safety and put it over at my blog. The police departments likely have to report stats to some great statistic keeper out there like the state health dept., etc…
    As for the Red Cross, they certified me. Don’t know if I’m still certifiable but many say I am.

  4. supernovamom

    That’s a great idea for a blog post; did some initial research and found the VA Dept. of Health has a site on pool safety and offers a “Water Watcher Kit” … this person wears an “official” tag and whistle when supervising children at the pool or in open water.

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