10 lashes with a wet noodle


I happened to stumble across this at Wegman’s the other day and just about fell to the floor laughing … this pasta by New Jersey-based Torino is called Mother In Law’s Tongue. It’s tri-colored with serrated edges … you could serve it for dinner with its namesake and snicker to yourself the entire time.  I was laughing so hard, I forgot to check the price, but it’s $8.99 for the 8.8-ounce box at the Torino Web site.

It’s one of the most popular in the company’s line of “designer pastas,” according to the Web site:

All our designer pastas are imported from Italy, all natural, and 100% handmade. Each color is a flavor, yellow is saffron, orange is paprika, violet is beet, green is spinach, black is squid ink, and red is tomato.






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