Bam! Check out Emeril at Whole Foods Fair Lakes

From Sunday April 20 to Friday April 25, chef Emeril Lagasse will be filming a segment of his new show, Emeril Green, at the Whole Foods store in Fair Lakes. The show will be aired on Planet Green, a division of Discovery Channel, according to Whole Foods. While the store will be open as usual, certain areas and eateries may be closed during that time.

Want to be cast on the show? Get more info at the Fair Lakes store at 703.222.2058.

Here’s more info from Emeril’s Web site:

Have Chef Emeril Lagasse solve your greatest cooking challenges!

Do you love to cook but have trouble hard boiling an egg? Are you tired of making the same 3 chicken dishes every week? After a big night out, is it tough for you to make heads or tails of what’s in the fridge? Are you wondering how you can do your part to be eco-friendly while still deep frying your turkey?

We are casting enthusiastic and fun people with creative and interesting kitchen challenges for our new show “EMERIL GREEN” to air on Planet Green beginning in July. This could be your chance to receive cooking tips and recipes tailored specifically to your needs by America’s most beloved chef!

Tell us your story…
Please email your basic information (name, address, age, occupation), your culinary challenge and a recent picture to We are actively searching for real people with real cooking dilemmas so get your information to us today!



3 responses to “Bam! Check out Emeril at Whole Foods Fair Lakes

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  2. Emeril,
    Pls. Help – Where can I find the Healthy Lamb Leg recipe you prepared with the beautiful Black Lady.

  3. I’m not sure how to get in touch with Emeril, but I did find some recipes from a lamb episode of Emeril Green … perhaps one of them was it? The URL for the site is:

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