Pedal to my mettle

Props to Fisher-Price for customer service! I had purchased the toy maker’s Smart Cycle from Costco in December, but it’s been sitting in storage while we awaited the completion of the refinishing of our basement. The contractor, aka Daddy, has been delayed however, and so I finally broke open the box a month ago.

I put everything together and it all went well, except at the very end: I couldn’t get the left pedal to twist on for some reason. After doing some Internet research, I discovered other customers had similar problems, and so I called Fisher-Price to ask what I could do since I had long ago thrown away the Costco receipt.

The customer service rep heard my complaint and asked whether I wanted the company to send another pedal to try or … an entirely new version! If I wanted the latter, all I’d need to do was send in the cord attaching the toy to the TV, not the whole shebang. She also said I could try fixing it with a new pedal first, and if it didn’t work, I could call back and request a new Smart Cycle. I agreed to go with that approach, and settled in for a long wait for the parts.

Lo and behold, the parts arrived within days! I also received an e-mail indicating they had opened a case report on my complaint, so that if the repair didn’t work, they’d have a record of it and would then send the new toy. Thankfully, the repair worked and the kids are happily pedaling along …

Thanks, Fisher-Price!


One response to “Pedal to my mettle

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    Jason Rakowski

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