My favorite DVD rental kiosk

Yup, that would be Redbox. And tonight, while at the Herndon McDonald’s (don’t ask) I saw something new that had my heart pounding with excitement:


That’s right, $7 used DVDs! A quick check of the selection had me puzzled, though; while they offered a really recent flick, No Country For Old Men, they didn’t offer Hitman (my film tastes run decidedly plebian, sorry)! Maybe this kioskk just didn’t have it? Will all the kiosks offer it? Have you seen it at a Redbox near you? Have you bought one? I’m worried it’ll be scratched and I’ll have no recourse for a refund … but I imagine they’ve thought of that, right?

After reading comment from Jack, I called the Customer Service number at 1.866.REDBOX3 and they said you could return the damaged DVD within 7 days of the purchase. First you’d have to call the number and let them know you were returning it so they can monitor the transaction.

Then you’d have to return it at the same kiosk you purchased it; you just press the Return DVD button as if you were returning a rental. Redbox will then refund your credit card for the amount of the purchase.

If you want to purchase the same DVD, the customer service rep suggested purchasing a new DVD first, then returning the damaged one. Just make sure you check the numbers on the DVD to ensure you’re returning the correct one! But even if you returned the damaged one first, she said the machine tags it as damaged and won’t sell it.

Thanks for the tip, Jack!


One response to “My favorite DVD rental kiosk

  1. They do have a toll free contact number. I haven’t needed to call it yet but I’d assume that is how you would resolve any issues.

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