Are you cereal?!

barbie-cereal.gifMy daughter’s latest breakfast obsession is a Barbie cereal that I can only find at our neighborhood Bloom (formerly Food Lion). After a couple of weeks, I noticed the front of the box had the words “Limited Edition” printed on it.

Wondering how long I had before the “I want Barbie cereal!” breakfast meltdowns began, I called Kellogg’s customer service line on the box to find out when they’d stop making it.

The nice lady who answered said that the company started making this modern version (some Web sites say there was one in the ’70s made by Ralsten) in January 2007, with different covers: Barbie Island Princess, Barbie Fairytopia and now just Barbie.  

She said she didn’t have any information on when production would end on the Barbie cereal, but that Kellogg’s limited edition cereals normally were produced for about two or three years. That gives me about six more months of happy breakfasts… 

If  you can’t find it at your grocery store and simply must have it, you can buy it online on


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