New Indian restaurant in Leesburg


Went with a friend to the former Tip Tum Thai restaurant in Leesburg only to find it had closed! In its place is the latest in the Angeethi family of Indian restaurants owned by Syed Hussain of the Cascades area. He opened his first restaurant in Winchester, followed by Herndon, and now Leesburg on Catoctin Circle. Soon to come: a new Angeethi in Manassas.

We asked to see the menu, but quickly decided on the lunch buffet after seeing the wonderful choices.  The 4-year-old wasn’t impressed, not even with the Basmati rice because it had peas in it. Oh well, she was OK with the chips, which were sort of like pita chips but sweeter.

Everything I tried was wonderful and so flavorful … as good or better than some of the other Indian restaurants in the area that  my friend and I have frequented. She has more experience with the cuisine and said they hadn’t watered it down to American tastes; I didn’t find anything overly spicy, though, and I’m pretty much a wimp when it comes to that.

The lunch buffet goes for $8.99, which includes a choice of soda, mango lassi, pink lemonade, ginger ale or iced tea, making it a cheap introduction to the very tasty cuisine of India.

They hadn’t made many changes to the decor since it already was pretty tasteful and elegant.

For a menu and more information, click here.



One response to “New Indian restaurant in Leesburg

  1. My wife and I went there for lunch after visiting for the evening menu, and we really like it too.

    The only big negative: the website is REALLY annoying. Be prepared for long load times and turn off your PC’s speakers before visiting!

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