A font of information

I’m awash in making posters this week for an upcoming school festival, so I thought I’d share my Web finds. I needed a font in keeping with the pirate theme, and found several ones at a couple of sites, both of which offer them for free.

I didn’t count that 1001freefonts.com has that many fonts for for Windows and Macintosh, but  I do find their Custom Preview tool quite handy. Click on it, and it will go to a window where you can type in your word or phrase and it will show up in that font. They have 40 categories of font, starting from 3D and ending with Western.

For a wider variety, including holiday fonts and dingbats, I go to dafont.com. They use categories and subcategories, so you’ll find a graffiti font categorized under “Script.” No handy preview of your word or phrase, but if you click on the font, you’ll get a window with what each letter looks like, including capitals, numbers and punctuation if they offer it in that font. Also available for Windows and Mac.

To use the fonts, just download it to your desktop. Double click on the font icon and you’ll get a window with an icon-based menu. Click on “Extract” and place the file in whatever folder you want it in. When you’re ready to start creating, open the file by clicking on it and a window with sample sentences in that font will open. THEN you can open Photoshop and start using the font by choosing it in the font menu. If you open Photoshop after you open the font file, you won’t see the font listed in the Photoshop font menu.

You can also use the fonts to spice up your blog header if you feel like a change …


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