Need a photographer?

mompreneur1.gifI’ve been kicking this idea for a while now and just decided to go ahead and do it. In my former life as a local magazine and business journal editor, I met many awesome women who started their own businesses, from home to online to storefronts. When I quit work to stay at home with my kids, I naturally had more time on my hands and started doing more on the Internet. Whenever I would come across an appeal on a forum for a referral on anything from photography to tutors, I’d post information about the Mompreneurs I knew of. Now, I’d like to do the same on my blog, but in a more consistent manner. So, here’s the debut of my new feature: Mompreneurs!

Steele Photography

The woman behind the lens is Molly Steele, a Loudoun mother of three who also is a professional photographer with her own studio in her home. I got to know Molly as a photographer for Loudoun Magazine, for which she submitted stunning photography, at least two of which made the cover on separate occasions. Down to earth and hard-working, Molly is one of the most talented, yet nicest, professionals I’ve met.

The bulk of her work lies in fine art portraiture, with an emphasis on kids, and wedding photography but she also offers customized photo gifts, from jewelry to Gina Alexander handbags.

She currently has a spring special going on:


To print this coupon, click on the title of this post and print the entire page; sorry, haven’t figured out to print a image that you can click and get to a page with just the coupon!

Steele Photography


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