Fine print

Checked out the new location of the Fairfax City Regional Library last weekend … it’s huge! Two stories, not including the underground parking garage, which was sweet on a rainy day. The second floor houses the Virginia Room, which provides historical and geneological information for researchers.

The sheer size of the library is impressive, as it allows more space to display books (I really liked the paperback carousels) and offer more computer terminals (I counted 30 for Internet usage on the main floor). And in a nod to the county’s sizable Korean population, there’s even two stacks with Korean fiction and non-fiction literature.

But I wasn’t impressed with their children’s section. While bright and airy due to floor-to-ceiling windows, they had just a few child-sized tables to indicate it was a space for kids. And the children’s DVD shelves were almost painfully bare. The designers should have visited the Chantilly library, which has a much more attractive children section, as evidenced by all the kids playing and reading there.

Check out the Flickr photos at right to judge for yourself!


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