Leesburg dining

My latest Theme Travel page, Leesburg Eats, focuses on two ends of the dining spectrum: white tablecloth and down-home local favorites. I didn’t include delis because honestly, I’ve been to almost all of them (Puccio’s, Deli South, South Street Under, Courthouse Deli & Grill, West Loudoun Street Cafe) and they’re all good. I also didn’t include Downtown Saloon in the local favorites because I think most out-of-towners would be intimidated by the biker bar vibe. And that’s just fine with the locals, even the non-bikers. Probably especially the non-bikers. 

For something unusual and quick, check out the Hamburger Döner at the Virginia Village Shopping Center on Catoctin Circle. It’s really just a food cart operated by young German entrepreneurs who offer döners, German version of the gyro; falafel; bratwurst, currywurst; and more. Check its page on the LCVA Web site for hours, maybe even call if you’re making a special trip for it because they sometimes run out of items.  

For sweets, my all-time favorite would be Bake Shop Lightfoot Style, a small bakery tucked next to its mother restaurant, Lightfoot, smack in downtown Leesburg. In addition to killer pastries and cookies, they also carry soups, sandwiches (try the curry chicken) in full and half sizes,  and ice cream. It’s all takeout, though, and they only accept cash. 

For Asian, I can only recommend Xuan Saigon at 11 Fort Evans Road NE for Vietnamese and Tup Tim Thai at 17 Catoctin Circle SE for Thai.


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