Do Not Call!!!

Wow … my husband says this is a coincidence but I have to wonder: Yesterday I was virtual window shopping for shoes, surfing on different sites to check out the latest in sandals.

Today, we get a recorded call out of the blue from Payless Shoe Source (not one of the sites I visited) advertising a sale this weekend. Now, we get hit by telemarketers all the time, but this was the first time a national retailer called about a sale. The chirpy telemarketer ended her call by telling us that if we no longer wished to receive these calls, we should call them back at 1-800- 995-4532.

Now, that just seems wrong to me. Why do I need to take yet an extra step to prevent these unsolicited calls? We already have registered on the national Do Not Call registry; shouldn’t that prevent these types of calls? Yes, we called the number and it was easy enough, just a matter of pressing “2” in response to the recorded message, but still, it’s the principle of the matter. What if Macy’s, Nordstrom, Kohl’s and every other retailer on the planet decided to try the same marketing ploy? We’d be barraged by these calls!

I wonder how Payless CEO Matthew E. Rubel would like it if customers called his business or work number and left him a message stating that if he wanted us to stop calling, he had to call us back!

This is apparently pissing off a number of people, who are posting at about it.


3 responses to “Do Not Call!!!

  1. Got the same call today. We are on the Do Not Call List and do not have a “relationship” with them. Registered a DNC violation with the portal.

  2. Thanks, I forgot to add my husband did report it to DNC. I haven’t purchased anything from Payless, either online or at a brick and mortar, so I had to wonder if the company somehow tracked my browsing. After reading the comments from other on that forum and your own, I realize it’s not the case.

  3. i work at a payless, and just to let you know we do ask people for their phone numbers, and if the person says that they dont wish to be telemarketed, theres just a little button that we have to press, but sometimes people do give out false telephone numbers in leiu of their own, so that is one possibility to how your number got on our list.

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