Money, money, money

My first-grader’s learning about coins and having some trouble identifying them, so I looked online for ideas about activities, worksheets and anything else.

I came across a great little online game,  $pending $pree, that has kids choose between two items to “buy,” and then clicking on the group of coins that add up to the correct price.

Turns out it’s a small world, even in cyberspace: the game is just one of many cool ones at, created by Susan Shuey Beasley, a technology support specialist at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Alexandria!


2 responses to “Money, money, money

  1. If you are teaching your kids money, a great site where you can find more games and lessons is at Money Instructor at

  2. Thank you for the tip, Anne! I checked it out and the site offers a ton of materials for adults and kids. Here’s the URL for the worksheets and lessons on coins:

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