Brambleton theaters

Broke down this weekend and watched The Spiderwick Chronicles at the new Fox Cinemas at Brambleton’s new Town Center instead of the Udvar Hazy IMAX because the 6-year-old couldn’t wait till 5:30 p.m., the earliest they show it at the IMAX.

It was the first time we’ve gone to the Brambleton theater, and I have to say, it’s pretty nice. Not only because it’s brand spankin’ new, but in addition to the usual hot dogs, popcorn and nachos fare you get, they also offer chicken fingers and pizza.

We watched the movie in theater No. 13, which had stadium-style seating with only one row of seats up close and personal in front of the screen; unlike Reston’s theater, it did have cup holders.

Another nice touch: free mini-posters of The Spiderwick Chronicles!

My only complaint would be parking; there are only eight parking spots in front of the theater and no direct entry from the parking garage to the theater—at least that I saw. Not fun when it’s raining. Still, I’m going to go long and predict it’ll be as busy as Reston Town Center once that Barnes and Noble is built.


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