Eat and run

BK 1

As a treat on what’s turned out to be three-day weekend because of the “snow” day Friday, I suspended the elimination diet and took the kids to their favorite Burger King, the one with the two-story play area. It’s right off Rt. 28, going south past the 66 and the 29 exits, at 5906 Old Centreville Road.

This has got to be one of the best fast food restaurants in NoVa, hands down. First, it’s one of the few where they actually still ask you whether you want boy or girl toys to go with your Kids Meals. Nowadays, those bags are prestuffed and you get what you get, unless you make it a point to ask first. Now, this isn’t a big deal when they have say, Sponge Bob or Simpson toys, but Hello Kitty or Bionicles? You’d better believe I ask.

But that’s not the best part. Nor is it the two-story slide and tunnel system that makes for a great alternative to get the kids exercise when the weather’s crappy outside.

BK 2

No, it’s gotta be the upstairs dining area. It’s as nice as a hotel lobby. Not a four-star one, but good ’nuff. Clean, clean floors. Overstuffed chairs and booths. Two flat-panel screens, one set on CNN, the other on Nickelodeon. They even have a soda fountain and restrooms up there. It’s perfect for getting together with other moms, because you can sit and chat in comfort while the kids entertain themselves in the play area. Or if you’re just solo with the kids, curl up in one of the comfy chairs with a good book like say, the latest Dante Valentine novel.


One response to “Eat and run

  1. Looks awesome…can’t wait to go!!!

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