Benihana at Dulles Town Center

benihana exterior

Tried the new Benihana at the Dulles Town Center, the only one of the franchise in Virginia, with the 4-year-old earlier this week. She enjoyed the experience of teppanyaki dining, a Japanese style of cooking where a chef cooks meals for patrons who are seated in a U-shaped table that surrounds the grill. (My friend who joined us for lunch thought the show was a little cheesy, though.)

While my picky daughter opted only for plain white rice, the Benihana menu does include kids’ meals of grilled steak, shrimp or chicken, and you can order fried rice if they prefer that.

My friend and I split a spicy tuna roll, which wasn’t spicy (I liked that) and held tuna that didn’t look especially appetizing — some of it was red and some a light orange. We both got a bento boat lunch special with salmon, which was a good deal for $9.95: It came with a thin slice of salmon, shrimp and vegetable tempura, a half California roll, sashimi, edamame and rice. I’m not a drinker, so I opted for their berry smoothie, which was quite good, although it came in a pretty small glass for $4.50.

Some folks in Loudoun HOA forums have complained about the service, and although I found the staff is friendly and helpful, my food didn’t come until 10 minutes after my friend got her meal. The waitress said the delay was because the chef read the order wrong.

If your kids aren’t picky and will eat grilled meats, Benihana would be an entertaining choice for lunch or dinner. They’re good about seating the folks with kids together, too. You’ll just have to have some patience with the service.

benihana tableside


6 responses to “Benihana at Dulles Town Center

  1. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Tom Stanley

  2. mary jane spence

    Would like to find a menu printed online, so
    I could read it, before coming to this restaurant.

  3. Hi Mary Jane,

    Benihana has menus online at … BUT, the site’s disclaimer says they are “sample menus” and that items and prices can differ from site to site. So if you see something there you really like, I’d call first to see if they do offer it; the Dulles restaurant’s no. is (703) 421-0888.

  4. I visited this Benihana a few days ago. As someone who has been to the Bethessda Benihana for 20 years(since 1988), I have to say that I was not impressed by the Dulles Benihana.

    Since this is a brand new location, I guess I’ll have to give them a few more months to iron everything out…

    On the other hand, the Dulles Benihana has plenty of free parking. The Bethesda Benihana is a parking nightmare on weekend nights… 🙂

  5. We thoroughly enjoyed our dining experience at Dulles Benihanas. Our chef was very entertaining and cooked our food to perfection. Our server also was attentive and came by regularly to see if we needed anything and filled up our water glasses and other beverages. So much closer than Bethesda – we loved it.

  6. I’am a chef at benihana dallas tow center V.A so I like to server to the costomer very well good entrtening, good show… so the show i like to do and I want to lear more thing at benihana

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