Eczema Cure 2.0

B6 supplement OK, I know, I claimed Aquaphor cured my son’s eczema, but I’ve come to realize it was really the B-6 supplements he was taking. The Aquaphor helped ease the itchiness and redness of the skin on the backs of his knees, inside his elbows, and worst, around his mouth and eyelids. But when my mom visited us last summer, she reminded that she had given him B6 when we had lived on Guam and brought a bottle with her.

Since then, he’s been taking half a pill daily, and his eczema has cleared up entirely. When he skips a couple of days, it returns. The results are pretty clear. I give him half of a 100 mg pill of B-6 by Nature Made every day.

But, as with everything involving your child’s health, talk to your child’s doctor before giving her any supplements. On Medem, the American Academy of Pediatrics warns that

If taken in excessive amounts … some supplements – particularly the fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K) – can be toxic.

However, so-called megavitamin therapy or orthomolecular medicine – in which vitamins are given in extremely large doses for conditions ranging from mental retardation to hyperactivity to dyslexia – has no proven scientific validity and may pose some risks. Vitamin C, for example, when consumed in megadoses in hopes of undermining a cold, can sometimes cause headaches, diarrhea, nausea and cramps.


I am NOT a physician and this is NOT medical advice, merely my family’s experience with a home remedy for eczema.

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