Ode to my son’s teacher

So we had the “behavorial plan” meeting with the first-grader’s teacher because he’s been unable to focus in class. First off, she made the meeting even though she had a fever of 103 degrees; she wasn’t able to contact me in the evening to cancel so she came to school anyway. She included him in the meeting and proceeded to outline how she and I are going to work together to focus on his particular bugaboo: rug time. I told her how I’m working on getting him to answer me the first time I ask a question, rather than shouting the question a bazillion times before I get a response. She told me she’s having him move closer to her during rug time and that instead of getting evaluated for his behavior during the whole day, he’ll get two crayon indicators, one for the morning (when rug time occurs) and one for the afternoon. She even made a special crayon chart for him.

I can only pray the rest of his future teachers are as thoughtful and compassionate as she is. 


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