It’s alive!

Ohmigod, it worked! OK, so I haven’t posted all my Travel Center reviews yet, but I was fiddling around with how to redirect my old blog to this one, so what the heck, let’s do it!

Thank you,, for providing idiot-proof instructions on how to redirect my blogspot blog to my new WordPress site! For those of you trying to decide whether to switch from Blogger to WordPress, here are the thoughts of a newbie blogger:

The primary reason I switched was because I wanted to create a Web site that wold incorporate a blog that would be updated daily as well as static pages that would constitute my Travel Center reviews. I tried using GooglePages, but it was difficult, cumbersome and the results didn’t look pretty. Segue to my next reason: I like the WordPress templates better. Sorry, but I’m the woman who bought her first car because that Geo Storm came in such a pretty aqua color. Yes, I’m easily distracted by bright, shiny objects—it’s not much of a surprise my kids exhibit ADHD characteristics (see post below).

The biggest thing I miss, though, is Google Analytics. Yes, WordPress has Blog Stats, but it’s nowhere near as graphically inviting to read nor easy to comprehend—it’s Cliff Notes versus comic books. But sob, my little girl is growing up now, and so here we are.

Welcome to the party—fix yourself a drink and make yourself at home.


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