Finally! Organic oatmeal at Costco

After months of having to buying small boxes of organic oatmeal from Whole Foods and other grocery stores, Costco is finally carrying it. I’ve been slowly transitioning my family into organic foods as much as I think is reasonable. That means switching out as many foods my kids eat on a daily basis with healthier substitutes, which in my household means no trans fats, no artificial flavors or colors, and no high fructose corn syrup. The last one has been the hardest because much to my surprise, it shows up in a lot of foods you wouldn’t normally think would have it–like bread, for instance.

Reasonable to me also covers price, which is why I do a happy dance in the aisle when I find Costco has a new organic product. I’ve had the most success in their refrigerated section; while the prepared food products don’t necessarily have “Organic” on their labels, if you look at the ingredients, most follow my criteria. In the non-perishables section, I found Costco’s Kirkland brand of organic peanut butter (it comes two to a package), which I don’t like. Like many organic peanut butters, the oil settles at the top and you have to stir it to get it to look like the peanut butter I’ve grown up with (I miss you, Jif). So the search continues for a good-tasting, no-stir peanut butter.

But the organic instant oatmeal search is over. Yes, I could get the plain oatmeal you have to cook, but with three kids to feed breakfast and get ready for school in the morning, instant is the way to go for me. Costco now carries their own Kirkland brand of organic oatmeal, which is in a box that’s about the same size as the regular Quaker oatmeal box they carry. The organic version has 45 packets in five flavors. My kids eat a packet every breakfast on school days, so we go through a lot of it. Thank you Costco!!!

p.s. And thank you to the anonymous person who corrected me on the brand, it is Kirkland and not Quaker organic oatmeal.


18 responses to “Finally! Organic oatmeal at Costco

  1. Correction – I think you meant that it’s a Kirkland (Costco) brand organic oatmeal, not Quaker oatmeal.

  2. Here’s a tip you’ll appreciate regarding oil-on-the-top natural peanut butter. Just store the container upside down, either in your pantry or refrigerator. This mixes the oil throughout, so you don’t have to stir through the sloppy mess at the top. I do this before I even open the jar. After opened, keep in refrig. upside down. If stored at room temperature, I put a folded paper towel underneath the jar.

  3. Thanks for the tip, Deseret, I’m going to have to try it!

  4. Thanks, I’ll check this out. I’ll have to be sure there’s no dairy or other allergens we are avoiding, but sounds great. Costco has been carrying more and more organic – yippee! Also – have you heard of the Feingold Diet? It educates you on how to avoid artificial flavorings, colors and preservatives…several families in our Loudoun group are following this with great success.

  5. supernovamom

    Hi 1allergymom,
    I have heard of the Feingold Diet and do a modified version, which has really worked well for my two boys, particularly the 6-year-old. More than the artificial stuff, though, I’ve found that high fructose corn syrup seems to fuel a lot of the behavior issues. But I still try to opt for the natural and organic versions for processed foods (toaster pastries, cereals, snacks, etc.) just to minimize the junk that’s going into their bodies!

  6. The oil at the top of the peanut butter is how you know it’s good for you. You won’t find any organic – penuts and salt only- peanut butter without it.

  7. Just so you all know, Kirkland’s organic peanut butter HAS to be stored in the fridge. I know the other store brand organic PB had to be, so I checked when I was in Costco this evening, and it also has to – says right on the label. This is unfortunate, as cold peanut butter is SO hard to spread without ripping the bread!

  8. Instead of peanut butter try Trader Joes Sunflower Seed Butter – it tastes just like Jif – seriously! Even my husband thinks so and he is a serious Jif lover. And it’s even better for you than Peanut Butter.

  9. Toys R Us carries instant organic oatmeal, which our 3 boys love! Plus, Elmo’s on the box. The brand is Earth’s Best. MaraNatha peanut butter is no-stir, which we found at Meijer.

  10. Has anybody had any problems with the “original” flavor of oatmeal that comes in the Costco box? I’m fine eating any package EXCEPT original it seems; as I almost finish the bowl of original oatmeal my stomach begiuns to ache very suddenly and painfully. It lasts a few minutes, and quickly as it comes it’s then gone, most times (one day I was curled in a ball for the rest of the day…oh what a bad day that was…)

  11. Henry’s has a spectacular organic peanut butter (it’s by the bins of almonds and nuts) that when kept in the fridge does not separate and is still very spreadable!!! It’s also delicious!!! I highly recommend it.

    I am a fan of Kirkland organic oatmeal – it puffs up and one packet fills me up wheras I used to have to eat two packets of the Quaker to feel full. Great stuff!

  12. Thanks for all the info everyone. I do have one little bit to share myself. I found GREAT PEANUT BUTTER that DOES NOT HAVE TO BE STIRRED and that DOES NOT SEPERATE. It is NUT N’ BETTER!!!! Yummy!! Give it a try. I am a picky eater and my family and I love it. Maybe you will too.

  13. Costco has decided to stop carrying kirkland brand organic oatmeal. cane sugar aside, it was great stuff.

    if you have a store that allows you to grind your own peanuts for peanut butter or even better, almond butter, it’s absolutely pure heaven.

  14. Well, sadly, Costco is no longer carrying the Kirkland Oatmeal. We’re really bummed out about it!

  15. Skippy has a natural peanut butter that might work for your family, the ingredients are roasted peanuts, sugar, palm oil and salt! No HFCS, and no stirring required!! It’s not organic but it’s better than the oily stuff.

  16. I can no longer find Kirkland Organic Oatmeal at Costco, and Costco customer service told me it is now listed as a “deleted item.” Does anyone happen to know if Costco will bring it back in the future? And in the meantime, can anyone recommend the best alternative in terms of taste and convenience. We don’t like the Quaker oatmeal at Costco, so I’m back to square one trying to find a substitute for the Kirkland Organic Oatmeal.

  17. I went to buy some of this great oatmeal yesterday and they are no longer carrying it. I asked how much I could whine to get them to change their mind, lol, and they told me to fill out a comment card every time I come in.

    So, Next time you are there, Please tell them how much you liked their oatmeal!!! I can’t used quaker’s instant even if I wanted to.

    Thanks for your blog,

  18. I know these posts are old, but I was disappointed this past weekend when I discovered Costco no longer carries Kirkland Organic oatmeal. Any alternatives?

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