Preschool Printables

I’m trying to prepare my 4-year-old for kindergarten next year and to supplement the workbooks I’ve purchased, I also download similar types of pages from the Web. That way, I can concentrate on specific skills or use worksheets that I know she’s interested in or will challenge her.

Here are some of my favorite sites for printables:
Nick Jr.’s Parentingpages offer worksheets featuring favorite TV characters from Dora the Explorer to Miss Spider to Backyardigans and much more.
Generic, but professional-looking worksheets for PreK-5th grade students.
This site offers extensive activities, including crafts, for a range of ages. Under the “Custom Printables” link, you’ll find a chore chart that you can customize with your kid’s favorite characters, from Sponge Bob to Pokemon. The woman who created this site has other sites as well:
Activities and crafts devoted to preschoolers.
Alphabet, numbers, science, geography worksheets for grades Pre-K to 5.


One response to “Preschool Printables

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