What’s Hot, What’s Not

Had our second class, What’s Hot What’s Not, What’s Solid What’s Not at the Maryland Science Center’s homeschool program, and it was MUCH better than the last one, Bugs in the Backyard. The woman leading the class, Joyce, was a much more dynamic presenter and the content wasn’t dumbed down for the age group (preK-2nd grade). She went over the three states of matter–that’s solid, liquid and gas for all you non fifth-graders out there–in a way that even the littlest ones could comprehend. For instance, she showed how energy in the form of heat changes one form of matter to another by having the kids rub an ice cube in their hands. Next week is the last week for the homeschool program, although they’re extending it for students in grades 4-9 on Wednesdays through next May. Only problem is, the classes start at 3 p.m. and last an hour, putting Northern Virginians in prime rush hour traffic.

Here are more tips if you go
* Signed up for two or more classes? While you could feed the 2-hour meters along Light Street and Key Highway, if you go a little further on Key Highway there are 4-hour meters between Battery and Covington. It’s worth the extra bit of walk to have the piece of mind. These meters also only take quarters.
* Definitely pack a lunch; the Breakers Cafe was closed for renovations, so the only option you’ll have within the building is salads (the smaller sizes go for $6.50).
* Stop by the gift shop, it’s worth seeing what educational toys and books are out there. If you do decide to purchase something, all homeschool program attendees get a 10% discount so make sure to tell the cashier that you’re there for the program.


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