Port Discovery Homeschool Program

Got this as an e-mail; this place is different than the Maryland Science Center, but you can perhaps take one of the Friday classes at the center, then go here for a full day in Baltimore!

Great Deal at Baltimore’s Port Discovery on Fridays in September
For the month of September, all out-of-state home schoolers can enjoy Port Discovery for only $5.50 from 1:00 P.M. – 4:00 P.M., a wonderful deal for a day of fun in downtown Baltimore! This offer is open to home school students in Pre-Kindergarten to Fifth Grade, and pre-registration is required.
Please e-mail kgulick@portdiscovery.org or call (410) 864-2666 or (410) 864-2664.Ranked by Child Magazine as one of the top ten children’s museums in the United States, Port Discovery in Baltimore, MD offers educational, hands-on exhibits and programs for children ages 2-10. Imagine! Play! Learn! Grow!
Address: 35 Market Place, Baltimore, MD 21202Phone: 410-727-8120Fax: 410-727-3042
General Email: info@portdiscovery.orgWeb: http://www.portdiscovery.org


2 responses to “Port Discovery Homeschool Program

  1. What a great idea for a blog! I love it. Thanks for taking the time to post your experiences and these great places to explore. I saw the link to your blog on one of my hs’ing groups. We’ll definitely check out the Maryland Science Center. Looks like a very toddler-friendly place and my preschooler will love it!

  2. Julie,

    Thanks for the feedback! The homeschool program this month is an excellent way to check out the Maryland Science Center because it’s such a drive from Northern Virginia and they do charge quite a bit if you’re going as a family. It was easy to register, you just call up and give them your credit card number for each of the $4.50 classes for preschoolers. I’m taking my daughter to two more next Tuesday and will post again then if we see anything new!

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